About Sewing Life

Jill Roberts – Founder of Sewing Life

I’m Jill. I love nothing more than working on my most recent sewing project over the weekends. I’ve been sewing since my mother taught me wsewing machine testimonial 3hen I was a little girl. As an adult, sewing grew on me even more and I started to love it.

Sewing is a fun skill that allows my creative side to come out, but it’s also technical enough that it’s a challenge and keeps my brain active. Anyway, enough about me… I hope you enjoy Sewing Life!

Lindsay O’Neal – Writer

Lindsay has been sewing since she can remember. She learned from her grandma and never stopped. Sewing has become her passion in life and she feels that she can make just about anything with her sewing machine!

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Lindsay also has always been interested in writing, even taking many writing courses in college. Jill found that Lindsay’s passions made her the perfect fit for Sewing Life. This is how she became the writer at SewingLife.net.

If you’d like to contact Jill or Lindsay, please contact us.

We hope you learn to love sewing as much as we do!