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Singer 1234 Sewing Machine Review: An Easy to Use & Portable Machine

A sewing machine’s arm and needle

Have you finally bitten the bullet and come to realize that your daily household chores involve more stitching than a simple needle can handle? Well, that’s great. Now you can invest in a sewing machine and learn the art of sewing to improve your workflow. Since you are just getting started, you will need a…

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Treadle Sewing Machine Parts and Functions: Understand Them Now

treadle sewing machine parts and functions

What comes to mind when you think of a treadle sewing machine? Probably the sewing machine that your grandmother used for stitching clothes for the entire family; now that sewing machine is hidden somewhere in the attic collecting dust or maybe it’s now on sale at a shop that sells antique items.   Both of…

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Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 Problems: Are They a Deal Breaker?

White Sewing Machine

Several users reported experiencing a number of issues with the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960, which eventually resulted in its discontinuation. The sewing machine branded itself as offering users with a diverse stitch pattern selection, fast-sewing speeds, and an automatic tension control system and a thread cutting system in comparison to its competitors.   The sewing…

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Singer One Plus Sewing Machine Review

Stitch needle of the sewing machine

Do you love to sit by your sewing machine and spend your afternoon stitching beautiful clothes? Are you always on the search for reliable sewing products that will make your sewing experience more fun? If this defines you, you have comes to the right place. In the world of sewing, if there is one brand…

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Best Sewing Machine Carrying Case on Wheels

A sewing machine case

As a seamstress, you might be aware of the importance of putting considerable effort into research before buying a sewing machine. Without the right machine, you will struggle to complete your sewing chores in time and this would lead to frustration and headache. So you invest a lot of time researching before you finally settle…

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Who Makes Baby Lock Sewing Machines?

Sewing Machine by Baby Lock

Baby Lock sewing machines are manufactured by Suzuki machinery Co., Ltd. based in Yamagata, Japan. Since 1968, the company has been selling Baby Lock sewing machines to sewers in Japan and abroad. They produce premium quality sewing machines and have become a household name in more than 100 countries. They strive to create better products…

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Brother LS2125i Sewing Machine Review: A Low Budget Machine

A multi-colored fabric being stitched by a sewing machine

Do you want to buy a beginner-friendly sewing machine without putting a dent in your wallet and can’t decide which model would be right for you? Well, you aren’t alone – many novice seamstresses face this problem. But, you don’t have to worry about a thing because we are here to help you out.  …

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The 4 Best Folding Sewing Machine Tables

A sewing machine and accessories on a table

As a seamstress, you are well aware of the importance of a sewing machine. Virtually every piece of cloth we wear today has passed through a sewing machine at some point. Without one, it wouldn’t be possible to effectively create garments, decorative items, curtains, and other clothing accessories. In addition to a powerful sewing machine,…

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Brother XR3340 Review: An Affordable Computerized Sewing Machine

Sewing Machine by Brother

Is XR3340 the best Brother sewing machine out there? While the answer may differ from one person to person as everyone has different sewing needs and preferences, there are certain features that only the Brother XR3340 offer. Before you purchase any sewing machine, you need to learn about its features to determine if it worth…

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How to Use a Handheld Sewing Machine?

How to use a handheld sewing machine

We’ve all been involved in situations where a wardrobe malfunction has led us to feel incredibly embarrassed. Remember the time when your pants tore open during a casual walk in the park or when you broke a zipper in the loo just before an important presentation. You don’t even want to think about it, and…

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