Best Singer Sewing Machine for Kids

Best Singer Sewing Machines for Kids: Top 5 Reviewed

By Lindsay | March 24, 2020

Most kids these days are only interested in playing games on smartphones or watching their favorite shows on TV. This is why the popular art of sewing is quickly becoming lost. However, not all kids are like that. Some find sewing interesting. They like using their special skills to create unique gifts for their family…

Singer Stylist 7258 Review

Singer Stylist 7258 Review: A Fully Loaded Sewing Machine

By Jill | March 21, 2020

If you love singer sewing machines, then you are going to love the Singer Stylist 7258. You get so many stitches with this machine that you are not going to know where to start. We always love a machine that comes with a load of accessories, and this one does exactly that.   This is…

Singer Heavy Duty 4423

Singer Heavy Duty 4423 Review: Perfect for Beginners

By Jill | March 21, 2020

If you want a sewing machine which is going to stand the test of time, the Singer Heavy Duty 4423 sewing machine could be exactly what you are looking for. Not only is it tough but it is also easy to use. It is a manual machine which the most basic user will intuitively be…

brother project runway cs5055prw review

Best Singer Featherweight Sewing Machine: See our Full Review Now

By Lindsay | March 20, 2020

In this in-depth review of the best singer featherweight sewing machine, we will take a close look at the Singer Featherweight C240 Handy Sewing Machine. This way you can decide for yourself whether or not it truly is the best Singer featherweight sewing machine.   Table of Contents Silhouette of this Singer Featherweight Sewing MachineIntegrated…

Stitch needle of the sewing machine

Singer One Plus Sewing Machine Review

By Lindsay | March 17, 2020

Do you love to sit by your sewing machine and spend your afternoon stitching beautiful clothes? Are you always on the search for reliable sewing products that will make your sewing experience more fun? If this defines you, you have comes to the right place. In the world of sewing, if there is one brand…

A sewing machine’s arm and needle

Singer 1234 Sewing Machine Review: An Easy to Use & Portable Machine

By Lindsay | March 17, 2020

Have you finally bitten the bullet and come to realize that your daily household chores involve more stitching than a simple needle can handle? Well, that’s great. Now you can invest in a sewing machine and learn the art of sewing to improve your workflow. Since you are just getting started, you will need a…

singer quantum stylist 9960 review

Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 Review

By Jill | March 16, 2020

The Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 is one of the most powerful sewing machines on the market, especially when you look at the price. When we got to try out this machine, we loved it. There is not much else which we can say to introduce this machine, so let’s jump straight in. Table of Contents…

singer start 1304 review

Singer Start 1304 Review: Best Sewing Machine for Beginners

By Jill | March 15, 2020

Singer has been in the sewing machine game for a long time, and they know how to make high-quality appliances. The [earnist_link ref=”singer-start-1304″ id=”68″]Singer Start 1304[/earnist_link] sewing machine is no different. It may be aimed at beginners, but that does not mean that there is not a lot of power and functionality here. They say…

White Sewing Machine

Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 Problems: Are They a Deal Breaker?

By Lindsay | March 9, 2020

Several users reported experiencing a number of issues with the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960, which eventually resulted in its discontinuation. The sewing machine branded itself as offering users with a diverse stitch pattern selection, fast-sewing speeds, and an automatic tension control system and a thread cutting system in comparison to its competitors.   The sewing…

Best Singer sewing machine

Best Singer Sewing Machine Models: Top 6 Reviewed

By Lindsay | March 9, 2020

We will take a close look at the best Singer sewing machine models of 2019 in this detailed review. You will learn all about the relative benefits of these sewing machine models as well as their drawbacks. After which, you will then be able to decide which model is the best fit for you.   Table of…